Whale Watching by Ocean Friendly Tours

Ocean Friendly Tours is a new concept in responsible tour operation in Puerto Vallarta with a unique visual and acoustic approach to the marine world of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. At Ocean Friendly Tours we provide a specialized and personalized service that blends professional knowledge of the marine environment and safety with love and care for nature. Oceanographer Oscar Frey and Ocean Friendly Tours have become a respectful and sophisticated way to approach the marine life and landscapes in Vallarta. 

Ocean Friendly Tours was recently voted THE number one tour available in Puerto Vallarta and given a Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor and were greatly honored to receive this incredible recognition.

Ocean Friendly Tours was a pioneer in developing some of the first whale watching tours and research activities on Banderas Bay. We offer daily and customized trips to discover the realm of whales and dolphins on the enormous bay off Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for more than one decade. All tours are led by a bilingual marine scientist and a specialized crew. Today, Oscar works closely with other researchers and together they share their collected data with researchers to the north in an attempt to better understand and conserve the Humpback whale species.

A few years ago, we formed a new nonprofit corporation call Deep Blue Conservancy. With this nonprofit status we are now able to apply for corporate grants and tax deductible donations from individuals to fund our ongoing research programs. From our hearts we are dedicated to the preservation of marine life and ecosystems impacted by human activity by focusing on education and technology to protect and preserve our oceanic heritage for future generations.

Ocean Friendly Tours and Deep Blue Conservancy have joined forces to move forward with research that benefits Humpback whales and coastal environments and more importantly to provide education and conservation knowledge for the next generation of researchers that will fill our shoes.

Experiencing Humpback whales on Banderas Bay is a very unique experience. This incredible bay lies in a transition zone between the California current flowing from the north and the Costa Rican current flowing from the south. The convergence of these currents brings a multitude of both warm and cold water species. Thus making the experience even more multilayered. 

The underwater songs of the Humpback whales and their incredible presence on the water’s surface along with the other dolphin, bird and turtle species that we encounter on North America’s second largest bay is a beautiful way to spend a moment in nature. 

Ocean Friendly Tours strives to conduct an ecological and educational tour of one of the most important and astounding resources that Puerto Vallarta has to offer. We look forward to welcoming you to our classroom on the water. You can find out more about the available adventures at www.OceanFriendly.comor by calling the reservation desk locally at 225-3774.

Ocean Friendly Tours and Deep Blue Conservancy will be offering a very special charity tour on Sunday, March 11th to benefiting Canica – the social service agency that assists local Vallarta children and families in obtaining the cancer treatment that they could not normally afford on their own. We will be donating a portion of all proceeds from this particular tour to this important local cause.


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