How To Buy A Home In Puerto Vallarta on ‘Modern Aging’ Video Series

Risa Morimoto, HGTV director and founder of video series ‘Modern Aging’, returns to Puerto Vallarta to speak with real estate agent Taniel Chemsian about the home purchasing process in the popular Mexican resort town. They discuss how a real estate trust functions, contract contingencies such as home inspections, documentation, the importance of a detailed inventory and more. This marks Taniel’s third appearance on ‘Modern Aging’, geared to provide information, inspiration and ideas from around the world, covering topics ranging from caregiving, alternative medicine and therapies, finding love, and living abroad, to name a few. 

Retire in Mexico: Buying Real Estate Tips

Have you dreamed about moving abroad and starting a new life? Overcome your fears and retire in Mexico! Our guest is real estate agent Taniel Chemsian (often appears on HGTV’s ‘House Hunters International’). Taniel will share tips on how to buy a house in Mexico – things you need to be aware of when purchasing real estate. Whether you buy a house in Puerto Vallarta or some other Mexican city, there are some steps you should know about the home purchasing process. It can be exciting and potentially lucrative if you do it correctly. Hopefully after this episode, you will go and buy a plane ticket and visit Mexico to check out some homes!

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