Versalles and Fluvial: The Best Neighborhoods You’ve Never Heard Of

Versalles and Fluvial: The Best Neighborhoods You’ve Never Heard Of

Versalles and Fluvial aren’t the first two neighborhoods you hear about when you come to Puerto Vallarta. They’ve been flying under the radar for a while, especially with the tourists. But that’s all about to end.

If you’re looking for an affordable condo with all the lifestyle amenities you need to be comfortable, then start your search in Versalles and Fluvial. They’re the best neighborhoods you’ve never heard of.

Keep reading to find out why…

Where are Versalles and Fluvial?

These adjacent neighborhoods are about 10-15 minutes northeast of Downtown Puerto Vallarta or El Centro. They are very centrally located and just 10 minutes from the nearest beaches. Both areas are on or nearby Francisco Medina and Francisco Villa, two of the main arteries of Puerto Vallarta.

The communities are adjacent to the Hotel Zone, and 10-15 minutes to the Romantic Zone, Marina Vallarta and the international airport.

In addition, if you’re planning to do any sort of sightseeing, it’s just a quick Uber away from the famous Malecon, the Church of Guadalupe and Los Muertos Beach.

In short, you are very centrally located and won’t have to go far to do anything.

The Versalles Vibe

Versalles is one of the earliest established neighborhoods in the area.

What does that mean to you?

It means it still has that charming traditional feel because it’s populated more by locals than expats and tourists. This also means it’s kept the prices down… for now.

One reason people move to Mexico is the culture. While Puerto Vallarta has no shortage of it, some areas have more than others, so you’ll have to dig a little deeper. However, that traditional vibe is still alive and well in the area. And it can be seen by the old-world architecture, cobblestone streets, taco carts and family joints throughout.

Versalles has an old-world meets new-world kind of vibe. Local family stores and taco stands are shoulder to shoulder with the trendiest dining spots and top chefs. Versalles’ laidback atmosphere and affordable prices are attracting young restaurateurs from around the world, so it’s quickly becoming a culinary hub of Puerto Vallarta.

Versalles: The gastronomic hotspot

It’s not just Mexican food coming on the scene. It’s international cuisine from Greek to Peruvian to Asian. So, your taste buds won’t be bored, and you won’t need to walk more than a couple of blocks to find some of the best food in town.

Versalles isn’t just about old-world charm and food. There are a lot of modern amenities.

More than feasting, Versalles has plenty of facilities

The old-world charm and food may bring you to Versalles, but the modern amenities and convenience factors will keep you there.

Some of the best private hospitals, state-of-the-art medical centers, and bilingual schools are just a few minutes away. Not to mention a few big box stores like Costco, Walmart and Le Comer are just next door. 

The Fluvial Feels

Even though it’s right next door to Versalles, Fluvial has a younger flavor.

Fluvial is all about aesthetics and community. When the neighborhood was being developed, zoning laws were thoughtfully implemented. As a result, the area has more parks and green spaces than industrial developments and nightclubs. Think manicured gardens, art installations, and a lower noise level than other hot neighborhoods (I’m looking at you, Zona Romantica). That’s not to say it’s tranquil. It’s still Mexico.

For the outdoor types, there are popular walking, running, biking, and hiking trails that bring people from all over the city to the area. Plus, you’re only a quick hop to the beach when you feel like having a lazy day or a sundowner after work.

Since the area is newly built, all the electric wiring is underground. No unsightly electric poles wrapped with miles and miles of tangled wire. Your views will be unfettered.

In addition, the sidewalks and streets are smoothly paved, making it one of the best places for anyone with mobility challenges. And they are flat, unlike many other parts of Puerto Vallarta.

Fluvial’s Amenities

Fluvial is a fantastic upper-middle-class area with a lot to offer for families. The conveniences of daily life in Fluvial are plentiful.

There are various international and bilingual schools, banks, gas stations, Walmart, Costco and a La Comer, all walking distance. So, you’ll never need to leave the area for shopping and entertainment unless you want to.

It’s not just big-box food shopping. Some of the best shopping in the city—La Isla, Plaza Caracol, and Galerias Vallarta—are all within a 10-minute drive.

While there are plenty of restaurants and cafes in the area, you’d be crazy not to pop over to Versalles next door for a food tour.

Who are Versalles and Fluvial for?

The Versalles and Fluvial areas are up-and-coming neighborhoods full of life and character. They are mellow yet booming. Modern yet traditional. It’s that blend that has people flocking to the area for long-term residences.

Versalles and Fluvial are trendy with locals as well as expats, and they appeal to everyone.

The neighborhood’s unrivaled variety of private schools and daycares make it a perfect location for families looking for a home in Puerto Vallarta.

The quiet and quaintness of the area make it an ideal choice for couples, retirees, and anyone hoping to find a place that has all the conveniences needed in a permanent home.

If you have any kind of mobility challenges, Puerto Vallarta can be difficult. There are a lot of cobblestone streets, broken sidewalks, and sometimes no sidewalks to speak of. Some areas have stairs and hills leading to condo developments, but in Versalles and Fluvial, life will be easier. The areas are flat and built with pedestrians in mind.

And because it’s been a well-kept secret amongst the locals, the prices have remained lower than in more touristy areas.

Who are Versalles and Fluvial NOT for?

Don’t even think about moving to Versalles and Fluvial if you’re in Puerto Vallarta for the party. You’ll be sadly disappointed as there are other neighborhoods better for you, like El Centro and the Romantic Zone.

Don’t move here if you want to be surrounded by tours and tourists. It’s too residential for that.

If you want to walk everywhere and go without public transportation, this area might not be for you. It’s a bit spread out. You don’t need a car, but it’s helpful if you want to leave the area or go shopping. There are busses, and Uber is an option as well. 

The areas have views of the Sierra Madre Mountains, lush nature, and the Bay of Banderas, so your eyes will be appeased at every turn. However, if you are looking for an oceanfront condo, head to the Marina or Romantic Zone.

Versalles and Fluvial Real Estate

For decades the area has been marked by unassuming apartments and single-family homes. An authentic Mexican middle-class neighborhood. But as of late, more and more development is on the scene, adding modernity to the traditional.

Both Versalles and Fluvial have boutique condos, townhomes, and single-family homes, still at affordable prices.

So now, there is the best of both worlds. And there is about to be even more…

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The Bottom Line

Places like Versalles and Fluvial are becoming harder to find. They are the perfect blend of everyday amenities with the special touches that make Mexico so adored. You can eat out at the trendiest taco stand, go raicilla tasting and then pop over to Costco for your groceries.

You can have it all in Versalles and Fluvial without sacrificing lifestyle for affordability.

And now that you know about Versalles and Fluvial, you might want to keep them a secret as well.


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