Please Help Pick up the Garbage, Thank you

Please Help Pick up the Garbage, Thank you

Rainy season is coming to Puerto Vallarta and the canals and rivers will be filling with water. Along with the water, there will be literally tons of garbage. It saddens us to see the damage it does to our environment, the animals, the bay, and the face of the beautiful city we call home. There are groups who have made it their business to clean up after everyone else and we encourage giving them a hand. They always need garbage bags and gloves of all kinds; contributions are gladly accepted. One of those is Rubbish Rebels of Puerto Vallarta, who have a Facebook page, invite new members to help with their cause and you can join and find out what days they gather to do their civic duty in Puerto Vallarta. It’s usually a different location and they focus on singular spots on the chosen days. Everyone is welcome.

We have stood on rooftop decks in Puerto Vallarta and seen debris floating in the bay; watched it pass by when out on water excursions; and seen canals overflow with empty plastic bottles. It’s shocking and shameful, but we can help.

For those who wonder where all the rubbish goes, there are traps the world over, where scientists have found amazing collections. Studies have shown that trash travels far; the variety is astonishing. An uninhabited island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean probably sees a lot of the waste directly from Puerto Vallarta. It has recently been discovered that an estimated 38 million piece of garbage has washed up on the beaches of Henderson Island. The most popular items found in the monstrous piles are toothbrushes and cigarette lighters but also among the findings were little red monopoly houses; small green toy soldiers; hardhats of every shape, color and size; dominos and other toy pieces. This beautiful island between Chile and New Zealand is a recognized UNESCO world heritage site and over 3,000 pieces of trash arrives on her shores every single day. Buried in sediment and sand is approximately 17.6 tons of what the world tosses away. Startled by a slow moving blue plastic cosmetic container on the shore, researchers realized it was a crab, scooting along inside his adopted “shell.”

Let’s do our part to help prevent this type of hapless damage. When we walk Pup, we bring a garage bag every time; fill it, secure it and dispose of it correctly. Tin and aluminum cans we leave for a collector in a clear bag so the contents are visible, and allow someone to pick those up and collect a few pesos. Puerto Vallarta appreciates your help.

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