Innovation Is The New Must-Have Amenity

Experience the latest ascension in architecture excellence and contemporary design at Valarte – renowned developer GRUPO GOVA’s newest class of luxury residential development for viable urban living. The groundbreaking tower with its verdant surroundings is a purposeful balance of function and elegance within the vibrant, up-and-coming community of Versalles and Fluvial, in the heart of Puerto Vallarta. 

Koralion Living

The views are just the beginning

Nestled strategically, we’re not just close to city amenities; we’re entwined with the heartbeat of urban convenience. Imagine stepping out of your door and finding yourself amidst a tapestry of restaurants, cafes, and cultural treasures that define the pulse of the city. At Koralion Living, we bring the city to your doorstep, ensuring that every desire and necessity is within arm’s reach.

But what truly sets us apart is our dedication to preserving the true traditional old-world Mexican lifestyle that has enamored our national and foreign friends and homeowners for generations. Koralion Living is not just a residence; it’s an homage to the rich cultural heritage that defines Mexico. 


Your Personal Oasis in Vallarta

EVA is your personal oasis retreat meticulously designed to reconnect, escape, recharge, and be and live in the city you love. In a world brimming with everyday demands, endless commitments and responsibilities, and profound events of recent years, our priority has been to create a healing haven for our community. EVA is a sanctuary that beckons hope, joy, genuine thoughtfulness, and serenity. A home that’s exclusively yours, embracing you the moment you step across its threshold.