New Puerto Vallarta Artists Carrie Eckert

Meet Carrie Eckert, A new artist that has moved to Puerto Vallarta from Southern California. Carrie and her husband Rick decided to look at a possible move to Puerto Vallarta after they stopped over on a cruise here three years ago. Their criteria was to have a safe environment, live by the beach and ocean, tropical warm weather, friendly people and a thriving Art scene for Carrie’s artwork. They wanted the California lifestyle without the California price tag. Puerto Vallarta seemed like a perfect fit to start their house hunting.

Carrie says she has always been a compulsive creator with her hands since she was a child. She would make sand candles and decorate seashells from the beach and sell them to local stores. In her early teens, Carrie started studying Ballet. She says during all those years of ballet rehearsals they girls would pass the time by knitting, quilting or needlework. Her ballet instructor taught them how to make tutu’s and headpieces by hand. Carrie later became a ballet teach and choreographer. After she stopped dancing she needed to fill that creative void and began making jewelry and selling them to local boutiques and special customers in Newport Beach, California.

She went on to create mosaic art and more recently, Carrie was introduced to an assemblage artist that taught her the fundamentals of creating art from found objects and paint. She started making shrines and then was introduced to the Mexican celebration of Dia de Los Muertos and Frida Kahlo. She watched the movie of Frida’s story and was so inspired by this courageous artist that she made a few collage/mixed media pieces of Frida. They sold immediately. She had no idea how popular Frida was until two California Art galleries saw her pieces on line and contacted her to ask her to submit Frida artwork for their Frida Kahlo exhibitions. Since moving to Mexico, she realized the impact of this great Mexican woman artist.

Carrie has won Honorable mention at the Beverly Hills Art show and has a Mosaic cement statue in Hawaii for Art the project “Art in public places”,

Since moving to Puerto Vallarta she has opened a studio at the New Qulture Co-op on Venustiano Carranza 466, Studio #1. Here you can find a variety of the mediums Carrie creates. Her motto is,” Art should never be boring, it should be a conversation piece”. You can definitely see that in her artwork.

Mosaics by Carrie Eckert

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