‘Modern Aging’ series returns with Taniel Chemsian

‘Modern Aging’ video series and host Risa Morimoto return to Puerto Vallarta to speak with Taniel Chemsian regarding overcoming one’s fears and making a decision for the pursuit of a better and more fulfilling life. 


Episode: Live Your Dream to Move Abroad and Retire

Have you thought about moving abroad and starting a new life? Have you been able to overcome your fears about such a decision? What should you consider? Do you want to retire abroad or simply live abroad for a few years? Originally from Los Angeles, Taniel Chemsian now calls Puerto Vallarta, Mexico home. He shares some of his secrets of how he was able to decide to pack his bags and move to Mexico 16 years ago. His motto is to live with no regrets. Whether you want to start over or start your retirement, living abroad may be the answer for you.

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