Mexpat: Cost of Living in Mexico 2022 – Online Series

Mexpat: Cost of Living in Mexico 2022 – Online Series

Mexpat: Cost of Living in Mexico 2022 is a 6 part live online series where expats and realtors from 6 popular expat destinations in Mexico – Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Merida, San Miguel de Allende, Mazatlan and Playa Del Carmen –share the current cost of living, real estate market, experiences, surprises, hacks, and lessons learned.  Attendees will get a chance to ask their questions live.

“Having produced many YouTube videos on moving and retiring to Mexico on the Modern Aging and Dream Retirement International YouTube channels, I’ve had many people ask me questions about how much things really cost in Mexico.   Realizing how drastically times have changed over the last couple of years, I decided to gather a group of expats and realtors from 6 different cities in Mexico to share their experiences, lessons learned, and hacks,” shares Risa Morimoto, founder and CEO of Modern Aging and Dream Retirement International.

All sessions will take place on Sundays in September and October at 1pm EST/ 12pm CST / 11am MST / 10am PST.

September 11 – Puerto Vallarta
September 18 – Cabo San Lucas
October 2 – Merida
October 9 – San Miguel de Allende
October 16 – Playa Del Carmen
October 23 – Mazatlan

Price – US$19 for each session.   Guests may attend more than one session.

Want to attend all the sessions?   Discounted price US$75 (6 sessions for the price of 4).

Register and purchase tickets at:

If you wonder what it costs to live in Mexico, or whether you can afford to buy a home, or what  the real day to day costs are, then you will want to reserve a Sunday in September or October to attend.

“Having been a realtor for 16 years, the questions I get about how much things cost remain the same.  There are tons of information online, but it’s hard to tell what is accurate and what is not.  It’s really important to me that people get the facts so that they can make the best decision for themselves and their families,” says Taniel Chemsian, real estate agent based in Puerto Vallarta and co-founder of Dream Retirement in Mexico.

In addition to the Mexpat series, Risa and Taniel created Dream Retirement in Mexico. It is an online program with comprehensive videos, audio files, transcripts, resource sheets with top experts in real estate (sales and rentals), real estate law, visas, banking, accounting, healthcare, dentistry, and veterinary care. Expats who live in Mexico share valuable insight about their experiences, and more.   Dream Retirement in Mexico ( was created to provide people with accurate, up to date information on all the things one needs to know before moving to Mexico.

Mexpat 2022 and Dream Retirement in Mexico are produced by Dream Retirement International and Modern Aging.     Dream Retirement International shares information on various retirement destinations around the world.   Modern Aging provides ways to elevate and optimize one’s health and well-being for people over 40.  For more information, visit and


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