‘House Hunters International’ Returns To Puerto Vallarta

Home & Garden Television (HGTV) just can’t seem to get enough of Puerto Vallarta as they returned in May to film yet another episode for their wildly popular ‘House Hunters International’ series. Taniel Chemsian and Timothy Real Estate Group returned for a record 9th installment that dates back to 2012 when the Mexican seaside resort destination made its first appearance on the show. Since then, HGTV and its viewers have gotten hooked!

“Putting on a fresh twist on each episode can be a bit challenging at times,” says Taniel Chemsian, the real estate agent featured in the show. “We’re always looking at new concepts, businesses, and locations to incorporate and promote. The city is so lively and full of natural and architectural beauty, we try and include a bit of each. Our goal is to show the viewers there is more to Puerto Vallarta than just the popular ‘hot-spots’ you typically hear and read about. There are a lot of little ‘corners’ to explore and enjoy.”

To view past Puerto Vallarta episodes visit www.hgtv.com for scheduled day and times.